Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Forbidden Gospels

If not on your Blog roll, make sure and check out April DeConick's The Forbidden Gospels Blog (here). April is a Professor of Biblical Studies at Rice University and her site always has something of interest.


Laurie said...

I'll check it out.... thnx

Todd said...

What an awesome blog... although it could use some clip art. You're on your blogging way!

Sheryl said...

John, I checked out her site. Very interesting. I also read the first chapter on "The Forbidden Gospels'" I found it very interesting, especially when she mentioned that the Nat Geo translation was different than others. Judas the friend, Judas the betrayer, Judas the demon. Intriguing! Demon like those who recognized Jesus in Mark? it makes me want to know more. It is amazing how little thought folks give to the variations in translations. jakemaxwel