Monday, June 1, 2009

Inductive Bible Study - Acts 2

Here is a second set of questions for an inductive bible study, personal or group, on the second chapter of Acts. With Pentecost just completed, this is a good time for a close reading of the biblical text that provides Luke's account of the establishment of the church.

1. Who made up the individuals who were all together in one place on the day of Pentecost? (v. 1)

2. Based on context, how does Luke understand speaking in tongues? (v. 4-6)

3. Besides where they’re from, what descriptors are given of those who witness the speaking in tongues? (v. 5-11)

4. What explanation is given by some of the crowd as to what they have witnessed? What response is given to these individuals? Who gives the response? (v. 12-16)

5. How does Luke edit the prophet Joel as to the timing of the prophecy? Compare verse 17 to Joel 2:28.

6. What are the key elements of the Joel prophecy? (v. 17-21)

7. What Old Testament character does Peter quote to demonstrate that it was God’s plan that Jesus would be killed but not abandoned to the grave? (v. 22-28)

8. What are the consequences of God raising Jesus to life? (v. 32-33)

9. What is the key point of Peter’s sermon? (v. 36)

10. How does Luke describe the response of the crowd to Peter’s sermon? What does Peter say in return to the crowd? (v. 37-38)

11. What are the four characteristics of the early Christian’s communal life? What was the atmosphere like during these early days? (v. 42-43)

12. What can we learn about the early Jerusalem church in the concluding verses? (v. 44-47)

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