Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arcing and the Bible

I was recently reminded of a class I took many years ago (1976?) while attending Fuller Theological Seminary. The course was Hermeneutics and was designed by Daniel Fuller. While Fuller did not teach the section I was in, all classes at the time used his method of working with the biblical text called "arcing."

What called this class to mind is a relatively new website, Bible Arc, that uses Fuller's arching method. The site both explains the methodology, and also make it easy for students to develop their own arcs. Check out the video explanation and the site by clicking here.


John said...

FWIW just wanted to mention that I just released a free Bible arcing app for Android. Search for “Bible Arcer Lite” on the Android market.

Alan said...

Don't know if you still get notes re: this blog. I was wondering if you happened to have a copy of the Daniel Fuller's arcing papers. I had him about the same time and there were a couple of pages of his various statements. I've lost mine over the decades.

I like but it doesn't allow you to see the levels of argument like Dr. Fuller's did.

Alan Wilkerson