Saturday, March 13, 2010

Was Jesus' Last Supper a Seder

No, writes Jewish scholar Jonathan Klawans. Compare his conclusions with your understanding by clicking here.


Judy H. said...

John, I couldn't get the "click" in your post to take me to Klawans' article. I did find it on the BAR site at:

There's an interesting response from Mark Goodacre at:

Question. If the Last Supper had been a true Passover Seder wouldn't women and children have been present at the meal?

revJohn said...

Thanks for the comment on Mark's blog. Sorry you couldn't immediately get to the article. It seems to still work for me.

As for your question, there would not necessarily be women and children at the Seder since at the time of Jesus Passover had become a pilgrimage feast that was celebrated only in the confines of Jerusalem.

Women and children would likely not often make this trip.