Thursday, April 15, 2010

Progressive Revival

Bruce Epperly, a Disciple/UCC pastor and professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary, calls for a Progressive Christian revival in a guest post at Bob Cornwall's blog. Among a few of the positions that Epperly champions are
  • Evolution is compatible with faith in God.
  • Humankind isn’t necessarily the center of God’s plan and that other species matter as well.
  • The bible is inspired but not infallible.
  • Faithful persons can have serious questions about their beliefs.
  • Persons of other faiths also receive revelations from God.
  • Non-Christians, atheists, and agnostics can be “saved.”
  • Progressives have a prayer life and believe in divine healing.
  • Persons of faith are interested in saving the earth.
  • God treasures ethnic, sexual, religious and cultural diversity.
  • Persons can disagree without hating one another.
  • The Bible supports an ethic of social concern supports the rights of immigrants and the recent health care initiatives.
  • Jesus’ had female followers and these women were given the Great Commission before their male companions.
Check out the complete post and let me know what you think of his proposal.

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