Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Supper Chronology

The Gospel of John offers a different chronology of the Last Supper than Mark and the other synoptic gospels.  For Mark, the setting for the supper is Passover (see Mark 14).  For John, the supper is clearly not a Passover meal.  And for John, there are no words of institution.  The central focus is not the sacraments (there are none), but the act of foot washing.  For John, the act of remembering Jesus is not accomplished by breaking bread and drinking wine as ritual, but by serving others (see John 13).

For a comparison of the two chronologies, see the chart below.

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ya.acov said...

Both the interpretations of these happenings is wrong.

The Messiah clearly said that He will be in the (belly of the ) Earth for three days and three nights.

May one assume that IF it is not so, either He lied, or He is NOT the Messiah, as He could not fulfill His own prophesy.

The Christian version of the happenings FORCE the days into the Roman Cathloc dogmatic system of "dies Friday, rose Sunday", which is clearly an error.

The soloution is very simple AND clear. He WAS the Messiah and if one realy understands Lev 23, then one will see He died on the Wednesday afternoon.

Why defend a lie?