Monday, February 9, 2009

Google Reader May Change Your Life

On the previous post, I recommended the Faith Matters blog site of Bill Tammeus. If you're like me, you may now have a large number of blogs bookmarked as favorites that you attempt to follow. The question becomes how to manage multiple sites efficiently. Here's one solution you should really try: Google Reader.

If you have a Google account (and you really should so you can leave messages here at revJohn), then you have available, FREE, a Google Reader. With the Reader, you can "subscribe" to your favorite blogs, organize them into folders, see at a glance which blogs have new posts, and quickly review the title and content of each blog post. From the Reader, you can then access any of your favorite sites with a single mouse click.

Try this out. If you don't have a Google account, establish one now. It only requires your current email address and whatever password you assign to get to your Google account.

Once you have your account, click on My Account.

Select the Google Reader.

In the subscribe box, type in the revJohn URL (

Try it out, and thanks for visiting revJohn.

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