Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grave Doctrinal Errors

The February 10 issue of The Christian Century has a news item that American Catholic theologian, Roger Haight has been censured by the Vatican for "grave doctrinal errors" and has been told to cease teaching about the nature and identity of Jesus Christ. The book that caused the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to take action was Haight's Jesus: Symbol of God, which the Catholic doctrinal watch dogs deemed dangerous for casting doubt on the reality of Christ's divinity, resurrection, and unique role as the savior of all humanity.

The past year this book was on my "must read" list. It is a difficult read but well worth the effort. And who wouldn't want to think critically about the central and distinguishing doctrinal affirmation of the Christian Church.

Here's my take. If the Holy Father requests you not read this book, politely but firmly tell him to "take a hike." For others, you need not be so polite.

Tyrants, political or ecclesiastical,who attempt to control knowledge and critical thinking need to be rebuffed.

Here's the link to check out Jesus: Symbol of God.

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