Monday, March 23, 2009

What Is Your Shower Theology?

I realized today that I have been singing the following fragment of a "gospel hymn" in the shower almost every morning for quite some time:

Life's evening sun is sinking low, a few more days and I must go to meet the deeds that I have done, where there will be so setting sun.

Now I don't have a death wish or plan on leaving this world anytime soon. So, why am I singing this song? I'm not sure. But every Sunday (or almost every Sunday) when I was young (a really long time ago), we sang this song at the Fordland Church of Christ. At the mature age of 10, it was my favorite in the hymn book because Brother Ernie and the rest of us powerful bass singers had the lead in the chorus. I'm not sure of the song's title (Beautiful Life??), but I can still recall many of the stanzas. And without conscious thought, the words just pop in my head at shower time (probably at other times as well).

So here's my question? How much of our thinking about spiritual matters is shaped by songs seemingly long forgotten, songs no longer top of mind, but songs that still continue to percolate like freshly brewing morning coffee. Such songs occasionally bubble up from our subconscious, leaving evidence of their influence and catching us by surprise.

What have you been singing lately? What is your shower theology?

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