Friday, July 3, 2009


We've been talking lately about books. And one thing I know about books--they're expensive! So here are some tips for saving money on book expenditures.
  1. Check your church library. Most churches have a limited library, but some have invested in quality commentaries and resource books. Instead of buying, borrow.
  2. Start today using Google books. Before you invest, see if the book is in the Google collection. Even if only certain portions of the book are available for preview, it may just be the pages you need. Besides, you can check whatever text is available and make an informed judgment on whether you really need to invest in the book.
  3. Read the reviews at Amazon by customers who have purchased the book you're considering. Also check whether you can look inside the book to review the table of content and select pages.
  4. Check your local library. Even if the book is not in the stacks, most libraries offer inter-library loan services to their patrons (and enjoy doing it). I've borrowed highly technical and expensive New Testament works from major universities using this technique. Most have a liberal return time, so you'll have time to read what you need.
  5. Finally, make sure you know where the used book stores are in your area. Many communities have stores specializing in religious studies. Visit these on a regular basis to find bargains.

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