Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Second Pentecost

The concluding verses of Acts 10 provides the dramatic outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a Gentile household. It is a dual conversion story. The non-Jew, Cornelius, becomes a follower of Jesus, and the evangelist, Peter, is "converted" to the reality that God accepts Gentiles into the people of God.

Below is a list of study questions you can use in personal reflection or a group inductive bible study.

1. What is the destination of Peter’s trip? (v. 24)

2. Who does Peter visit? How is he received by his host? (v. 25)

3. What is the problem associated with Peter’s visit? Why did Peter make the visit without an objection? (v. 28 -29)

4. According to the host, why did he send for Peter? (v. 30-33)

5. What does Peter believe about prophecy? (v. 43)

6. What happens while Peter is speaking? Why are the traveling companions astonished? (v. 44-45)

7. What order does Peter issue? (v. 47-48)

8. How is this event like the Pentecost event? How is it different? (Acts 2)

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