Monday, July 12, 2010


Where can you find a variety of "youngish" Disciples of Christ blogging on a variety of spiritual matters? Why [D]mergent of course. See there statement of purpose below and then visit the site here.

[D]mergent was formed out of our experience with the emerging tribes of Generation X & the Millennial Generation. As we sought to minister in this emerging context we became aware of the need to step out of the box and witness the Spirit moving in nontraditional spaces. When Disciples World ceased we thought that we might be able to gather together and reach out to the saints in an equally nontraditional manner. . . We hope to be a space where we as a collective, as a people may gather and equip each other as we vision together and don our prophetic imagination to be a people of God that unites beyond human division and works as one people to love those that are difficult to love, restore the radical and transformative nature of the gospel message, and offer a place for yesterdays legacy to nurture the reframing of what “church” is in these emerging generations.