Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Faith Matrix - Pareto Goes to Church

Pareto's Law states that 80% of the results you achieve come from 20% of the activities, activities that can be described as "high leverage."  A four-box matrix is often used in analysis and problem solving to apply the law, for example Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix.

Let's think for a minute about personal spirituality and the local church.  Consider two primary aspects of any faith community:  Critical Thinking (Theology) and Serving Others.  Given those two aspect of faith, what are the high leverage activities (the 20%) that individuals and churches need to engage in to be successful in growing in grace and knowledge?  And what are the more frequent activities with little leverage (the 80%) that limit or make less likely spiritual growth and truly helping others?

Make a list of some of the most frequent activities in your church and then ask:  Are these really high leverage?  And also consider how would you categorize the activities, as Thinking or Serving?

When finished, decide which quadrant you and your church are in.  If other than Quadrant 2, what needs to happen to get your there?

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