Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Church Lady Triumphs

The folks at Get Region have a the link and set up information for perhaps the most inspirational video you may see in a long time. On the British Got Talent, the source for our American Idol, 47-year-old Susan Boyle blew away Simon, the other judges, and the entire audience. Take a few minutes and see why. Read the post, click on the YouTube link, and watch. And enjoy a triumph!


Todd said...

What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it!

Judy H. said...

I love that this video has become so popular! How sad, though, that such talent (and the person it belongs to) could have escaped notice for nearly 40 years.

I've been thinking much lately about "Kingdom" living and what that means for us in the church. . . . things like who we are as "the people of God," what we value, and how well we embody the kingdom values of inclusion and impartiality. Pop culture bombards us every day with clearly defined divisions regarding who "has it" and who doesn't, who's a winner and who's a loser, who's acceptable and who's not.

But If we take seriously Christ's command to love our neighbor as ourself, that means refusing to accept the prejudices and divisions of the world that separate us. Let's face it, (and I'm as guilty as anyone), one of the reasons reality tv is so popular is that we are entertained by seeing people making fools of themselves and watching as they are branded "Losers" on national television. Case in point, many folks enjoy watching the American Idol "rejects" more than the talented singers!

But sometimes the tables are turned, and we are reminded that even those the world sees as "rejects," the lonely, marginalized people of the world, have great worth and value that we don't ever see. But God does see, and he reminds us that He calls blessed those whom the world rejects.

Congratulations to Susan Boyle on her triumphant audition. May she
prosper and reap many benefits from her wonderful talent. Too bad we've been blind and deaf to her for so many years.