Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tony Jones and Bart Ehrman

Tony Jones is a leader in the emerging church movement. He is young, hip, articulate, and theologically astute. He recently interviewed Bart Ehrman about his new book, Jesus Interrupted (the interview is available at Home Brewed Christianity). Unlike many of Ehrman's interviews, this one is more relaxed and helpful in understanding Bart's reason for writing. It was interesting to listen to how Tony interacted with Bart as opposed to many of Bart's evangelical critics.


Judy H. said...

I was just getting ready to email you with Erhman's interview with Stephen Colbert:( Hope you watched that one, too; it was pretty funny.

jakemaxwel said...

I caught the Colbert interview of Ehrman. It was classic Colbert. Loved it. You have to hand it to Ehrman for being willing to go on with Colbert. I can't help but wonder how much conversation goes on before the interview.