Saturday, September 5, 2009

April's Ticked

April DeConick is "mad as hell" and she's "not going to take it any more." A comment about how few women are doing blogging on the bible really upset her. She comments here on gender bias in the workplace, the church, and the world of scholarship. I'm especially interested in her comments on the apostle Paul, who she sees as engaging in a form of patriarchy in Corinth that attempted to subordinate women to men. Having just taught a Sunday adult class on 1 Corinthians in which I defended Paul against the charge of sexism, I'm wondering what others think of Paul's remarks at Corinth. I took his remarks both to the men and women at Corinth as an attempt to protect them from the danger of disregarding Roman cultural standards.

See Gender on My Mind and Gender Inequality: Is the Problem the Bible?

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