Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Covenant with Noah

The covenant with Abraham is not the earliest covenant recorded in Torah. An earlier covenant is found in Genesis 9, one made with Noah and his descendants. This covenant is for all time and is for all humanity. And it includes every living creature.

*According to the Talmud, all humanity is obligated by seven commandments:
1)establish courts of justice; 2)refrain from blaspheming the God of Israel; and refrain from 3)idolatry; 4) sexual perversion; 5) bloodshed; 6) robbery; 7) and not eat meat cut from a living animal. Gentiles who honor these commandments can meet with God's approval. (*From the Jewish Study Bible, p. 25)

Perhaps Christian who operate under Grace are also to operate under at least some Law as well.

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