Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chester or Festus - Part 2

Newly suggested a Measured Criteria technique (although he didn't call it that). All Newly did was to ask the group what they thought were the most important requirements for the job, regardless of who was in the position. After about 45 minutes, the Council was pretty much in agreement that there were 5 basic "must haves" for the position.

Newly then recommended they assign point values to each item. With that out of the way, Newly quickly made a chart on the blackboard so all could see. (See above.)

After measuring the two candidates against the criteria, it only took the Council about 15 minutes more to reach a decision they all agreed upon.

Groups can argue and debate a decision forever when they fail to set criteria for choosing between competing alternatives. This simple decision making matrix can help any group get past personal opinions and on to real consensus. Try it the next time your group or church committee is faced with a tough decision between competing alternatives.

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