Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rambling Boy - Get This CD

My mom remembers hearing the Haden Family singing old time country music back in the early 50s on radio station KWTO. One of the members, little Charlie Haden, grew up to be a jazz musician, winning Grammy nominations along the way. Now he's returned to his roots with a CD, Rambling Boy, that transports you back to the Ozarks and the sounds of bluegrass and country before country was really cool.

With his wife, son, triplet daughters, and a few friends like Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Jerry Douglas, Elvis Costello, Bruce Hornsby, and Rosanne Cash, this is quite a musical celebration of traditional American music. As a bonus, can you imagine Jack Black singing "Old Joe Clark." Yes, that "Jack Black." He's married to one of Charlie's daughters. So go get this CD and find your old Carter Family albums and start listening again to real country.

To see a short video about the making of the CD and customer reviews, click here.

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