Monday, May 11, 2009

7 - A More Perfect Number

5 books about Paul just won't do. It has to be seven.

Previously, I recommended Paul: A Very Short Introduction by E.P. Sanders. So that moves yesterday's post to six.

And then there is perhaps my all time favorite: The Gospel According to Paul by A. M. Hunter. It is now out of print, but still a model of concise writing that organizes Paul's thought into easy to understand categories. You can still find copies at used book stores and among the used offerings at Amazon. This really is a great little book and rounds out our list of resource books on Paul to a more perfect seven.


Judy H. said...

I've had very good luck buying used books through Amazon; everything I've ordered has been in very good condition, and the books are certainly cheaper than buying new. But, isn't it odd that in the list of sellers, whose prices may range from $5.00 to $10.00, there's always some guy listing his book for $147.00 or $347.00! Do you think those guys ever sell anything?

jakemaxwel said...

I have had good luck buying books on line as well. Have you ever tried It is affiliated with Ebay although there is no bidding involved. And yes, they do have some of those ridiculously expensive listings. I have wondered the same thing about their success in selling.