Sunday, May 10, 2009

Green Burials in Lawrence

Have you ever thought about an earth friendly burial? Such burials are more eco-friendly than cremation and cost 25 - 75% less than traditional burial methods.

Lawrence, Kansas may be the first municipal cemetery in the country to offer green burials.

For a video and KMBC story on green burials at Lawrence, Kansas' Oak Hills Cemetery, click here.


jakemaxwel said...

Fascinating! I read The High Cost of Dying by Jessica Mitford back when I was in high school (long, long ago!), I and have been fascinated with how wasteful the whole process seemed. I seem to remember that you could embalm an elephant for $2.69 cents or so back then. When my mother died, I thought about what was the best route to take but opted for what I thought she would want. It's a generational thing, I guess. I always thought I would opt for cremation, but now I am going to have to give this green burial idea some thought. Hopefully, by the time I pass, my family will have more green options than just in Lawrence!

Esmerelda said...

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