Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Jewish Scholar's Take on Paul

I have been helped a great deal by Jewish scholars who study the New Testament. Here in Kansas City is a Jewish scholar who has a number of books and articles that provide insight and a different perspective on the Apostle Paul.

The scholar is Mark D. Nanos. Here is his website, and it has a number of helpful and challenging articles on Paul. Visit by clicking here.

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jakemaxwel said...

I just checked out an article by Nanos called A TORAH OBSERVANT PAUL. It was fascinating and gave me lots to think about in terms of the Jewishness of Paul and his view of The Nations that Israel would bring to the one true God. It isn't a big leap from there to being open to a God that embraces all nations, all faiths, all who love God. Anyone who thinks their little patch of faith is the only way to God ought to consider Nanos' view and its broader implications. Thanks for bringing the site to our attention!