Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Pizza Tapes

In 1993, three musicians got together to jam for a couple of nights, playing primarily traditional folk and bluegrass songs. Fortunately, sessions were in a recording studio and were caught on tape. The sessions weren't meant for release so the artists were shocked when songs from bootlegs tapes began to circulate and gain popularity. The mystery of how the tapes became public was eventually solved. A pizza delivery boy had swiped cassette copies from the kitchen of one of the artists. The artists were David Grisman on mandolin and Tony Rice on guitar. The third musician, on guitar and doing the vocals, was the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. (the pizza boy grabbed the tapes from Garcia's kitchen)

The"pizza tapes" were finally remastered and released--and what a treat! This is what Emmylou Harris would call music of "the living room." It is music played and performed for the joy of the music. And the sound is superb. You may actually think the three are in your living room. If you have trouble thinking of Jerry Garcia doing bluegrass, stop worrying and just listen. Shady Grove, Little Sadie, and Man of Constant Sorrow are here. Amazing Grace. Yes, Jerry does gospel too. And you may have a conversion experience when you listen. Check out the cuts here.


Todd said...

Amazing Grace and Knockin' on Heaven's Door are incredible. Thanks for sharing this album.

jakemaxwel said...

Thanks, John. I would have missed these.